Academic Eligibility Questions and Academic Standing Guidelines

The Deans can answer questions about academic eligibility and talk with students about the academic standing guidelines. The following is a summary of the guidelines:

Rules for Freshman:

Freshman are ineligible if they have 24 or more units of E or F (or 3 or more course grades of E or F) (exclusive of PE). For third term, freshmen must earn a 1.9 GPA or they will be ineligible. After reinstatement, a freshman becomes ineligible again if he or she earns 6 or more units of E or F (exclusive of PE) during any freshman term.

Rules for Upperclassmen:

Upperclassmen are ineligible if they have <1.4 for a term or <1.9 for a year, calculated in June. They are ineligible as well if they have 27 or more units of E or F in any one term or 45 or more units of E and F for the year, calculated in June. After reinstatement, students on grades become ineligible if they get less than a 1.9 on a minimum of 36 units of if they do not pass all of their classes with a GPA of 1.9.

All students must average 33 units per completed term in residence to maintain satisfactory academic progress.