Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund has been created from a generous gift by Mr. Rainer Schaaf.  Additional donations, which are tax deductible, are welcome.   The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial assistance to students who are faced with an emergency hardship that affects their ability to continue their studies.  Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.  Award decisions are made by a two-person committee consisting of the Dean of Graduate Studies and either the Undergraduate Dean of Students or the Associate Dean.  Examples of qualifying needs include but are not limited to:

A student seeking a grant from the Emergency Fund to deal with an emergency hardship should write the Dean of Graduate Studies (graduate student) or the Undergraduate Dean/Associate Dean (undergraduate student) to explain the situation and justify the amount sought.  Some detailing of the studentís financial situation will be necessary to establish the need.  This may include evidence of the studentís financial resources as well as obligations and expenses.  Awards are contingent on the availability of funds.