Undergraduate Student Sabbaticals and Withdrawals

A student on an undergraduate student sabbatical may be away from Caltech for up to one year and return as a regular student without application or petition. Undergraduate student sabbaticals are not granted the term after reinstatement and they must extend over an entire term. An undergraduate student sabbatical must be sought by petition to one of the Deans, and the petition must be accompanied by a withdrawal card. Prior to filing such a petition students should make an appointment with one of the Deans. Under special circumstances, sabbaticals for medical reasons can be granted by the Deans with the support of the Senior Director of the Health or Counseling Services.

A withdrawal is formal separation from the Institute. The effective date of an immediate withdrawal is the date of the signature of one of the Deans. A student who withdraws or is absent for a term or longer must petition UASH for reinstatement in order to return to the Institute. A student who wishes to have no grades recorded for the term must withdraw by the last day of classes for that term. After that day, grades for the term will be recorded. The date of withdrawal will be noted on the transcript. If a student leaves without withdrawing, any grades turned in by faculty will be recorded. All other grades will be F's.