Description of Prizes and Awards

Robert L. Noland Leadership Scholarships

The Robert L. Noland Leadership Award is for upperclass students who exhibit special qualities of leadership. Students who have motivated others to live up to their leadership potential or who have provided excellent "behind the scenes" work in campus activities are those for whom this award is intended. To quote the catalog "The kind of leadership to be recognized is most often expressed in personal actions that have helped other people and that have inspired others to fulfill their leadership capabilities." The scholarship was set up by Ametek in 1978 in honor of its president, Robert L. Noland, a Caltech alumnus. Two or more awards are generally made each year.

Bibi Jentoft-Nilsen Memorial Award

Family and friends of Bibi Jentoft-Nilsen, class of 1989, have provided this award in her memory. The award is for an upperclass student who exhibits outstanding qualities of leadership and who actively contributes to the quality of student life at Caltech.  

The Mabel Beckman Prize

The Mabel Beckman Prize is given in memory of Mrs. Beckman's many years of commitment to Caltech's educational and research programs. The prize is awarded to an undergraduate woman who, upon completion of her junior or senior year at Caltech, has achieved academic excellence and demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, a commitment to personal excellence, good character and a strong interest in the Caltech community.

Deans' Cup and Campus Life and Master's Award

These two awards are presented to undergraduates whose concern for their fellow students has been demonstrated by their persistent efforts to improve the quality of undergraduate life and by effective communication with members of the faculty and administration.

Frederic W. Hinrichs, Jr. Memorial Award

This award, established by the Board of Trustees, is in memory of the man who served for more than 20 years as dean and professor at Caltech. In remembrance of his honor, courage and kindness, the award bearing his name is made annually to the senior who throughout his or her undergraduate years made the greatest contribution to the student body and whose qualities of character, leadership and responsibility have been outstanding. This award, presented at commencement, consists of a cash prize and a certificate.

Doris Everhart Service Award

The Doris Everhart Service Award is given annually to an undergraduate who has actively supported and willingly worked for organizations that enrich not only student life, but also the campus and/or community as a whole, and who has, in addition, exhibited care and concern for the welfare of students on a personal basis. The award was made possible by Sally V. Ridge and was established to honor Doris Everhart.

Frank Teruggi Memorial Award

The Frank Teruggi Memorial Award was established in 1998 by friends and classmates of the late Frank Teruggi, a Caltech undergraduate who was murdered in Chile in 1973, during the military coup led by Augusto Pinochet.
The annual award of $500 honors the spirit of Frank's life, especially "in the areas of Latin American Studies, radical politics, creative radio programming, and other activities aimed at improving the living conditions of the less fortunate." 

Mari Peterson Ligocki '81 Memorial Fund

The Mari Peterson Ligocki '81 Memorial Fund award is made to one student who through his or her personal character, has improved the quality of student life at Caltech. It recognizes the student who provides quiet support and kind encouragement to peers. This fund was established by Mr. José F. Helú Jr. '79 to honor the memory of Mari Peterson Ligocki, who possessed these qualities. The award consists of dinner for two at the recipients choice of a fine restaurant, and a grant towards any project or cause of the recipients choosing. It may be seed money for a project in any field, whether science related or not.